when people say nice things about you


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I don’t have a dog

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Source: Noelle Floyd

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ah, you watch the following? i love that show. the way they all just *clenches fist* follow

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in other news…

Sarah supports Reproductive Rights (x)

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Académie du Spectacle Équestre, Royal Stables, Palace of Versailles, France. (x)

( alltheprettyhorse !)

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Our three newest girls. They came to us so tiny and then then one got HUGE. She may be our biggest. I call her Hot Sauce because her red looks like Franks Red Hot Sauce. The other two are Peaches and Jackie

Danielle. I adore this little shit. She’s named after my brother’s best friend, Dan. 

JJ and Sydney. Hes a fun boy. And Sydney loves him. 


Cobblestone is a gift to the alpaca community. Pat bought him, sight unseen, for next to nothing. She hit the jack pot. He’s not only stunning looking, he’s an appaloosa, has impeccable genetics, and is the perfect size. He’s going to be a great stud. Plus, he is one of the gentlest Ive worked with and the kids love him. Hes so reliable and so cute. 

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Wobi. Hes such a butt. I love him, but if trouble can be found, rest assured he will. Hes great for the kids to work with because hes a 12 year old gelding and is so friendly, but if he doesnt want to do something there is no way you can make him. But luckily hes adorable and so much fun despite being a silly old man. 

So in love with this boy. He needs a lot of work but that’ll be easier when Im not in school anymore. Right now were working on simple tasks, everything else the kids work with him on. But he’s getting there. He ties so well and lets me work with him without anyone holding him. He’s the first alpaca Ive been able to do that with in 13 years. Im hoping we get some shows soon so I can bring him. I think he’ll do well. He comes from stunning parents. But even if he doesnt hes still exceedingly perfect to me. Hes amazing. and Hes the answer to my inner childs wishes

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please don’t get your pets high. they trust you and they love you. and it is really bad for them and can make them sick or kill them. please be a responsible pet owner. and it is very upsetting to see a lethargic animal just because you thought it would be funny to blow smoke in their face. 

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