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u readin this?

u a princess.

i dont care if youre a goddamn bodybuilder, ur now princess protein

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MBTI Under The Influence

INFPextremely affectionate
ESTJ: can’t hold their tongue; “chatty cathy”
ISFP: wants to hug everybody
ESFJloud and boisterous
ISFJ: type most likely to dial their ex
ENTP: comes up with crazy off-the-wall theories
ISTJ: “i’m horny, let’s have sex”
ENFP: social skills on steroids
INTP: likes to have deep conversations with people
ENTJ: contemplates the feeling of own intoxication
ISTP: impulsive “daredevil”
ENFJ: professes undying love to all of their friends
INFJ: finds everything hilarious
ESTP: tolerance for bullshit is even lower
INTJ: still the most rational person in the room
ESFP: wants to be the life of the party

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Im so lucky to have this beautiful girl <3

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Chickens provide free entertainment. this is the only way Phyllis can see anything because her crest is so big

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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

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—Everyone who stuck with Pluto damnit (via plutokiid)
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some appreciation for my brother’s Cochins Connie and Darla

Val’s Donation Raffle!


Hey, everyone!  As most of you know, I have a Redbubble store where I have been selling my designs and the designs of others to go towards my friend Katie’s hooked-on-jello medical bills.  She needs as much help as she can get, and so in honor of Once Upon a Time officially being back, I am holding a raffle.  This raffle will consist of two separate parts, and its success depends entirely on you.

For anyone who makes a donation (at least $1) to Katie’s donation fund here or here or makes a purchase from my Redbubble shop here in the entire month of October, your name will be entered into a raffle.  On November 1st, I’ll choose a winner, and the winner will receive their choice of any design or designs in my shop adding up to $25 (this means you could order one large item for $25 or several small items adding up to $25).

For anyone who reblogs Katie’s Plea for Help post here AND follows the HelpForKatie blog here as well as sends me an ask letting me know that you’ve done it, I will enter your name into a separate raffle.  On November 1st, I’ll choose a winner, and the winner will receive their choice of any design or designs in my shop adding up to $5 (mainly stickers/greeting cards, but still awesome)!

In the first part, you must be able to prove to me that you have donated, either through submitting a screenshot of your donation/purchase receipt to me here on Tumblr or my personal e-mail (which I will provide to you if you send me an ask requesting it).

In the second part, I would very much appreciate an ask letting me know you’ve completed the two tasks so that I can keep up a list rather than having to count the notes on a post that has already been made.

Note:  You CAN enter both parts of the raffle and if you’re lucky enough, you could win them both as well!

And if you should win and you don’t happen to see a design that you like, I am also accepting requests!

Remember, you MUST be willing to provide me with your mailing address if you win!

Good luck everyone, and thanks for your support!  It’s all going towards a deserving cause!

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do you just ever see your fave character in a picture like


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My best girl Bubbles. I wanted Barred Rocks and got lucky with her

This is a Phyllis appreciation post.

I still laugh because this lives in my backyard. Shes so goofy. I love her.

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Success is terrifying. Like happiness, it is often appreciated in retrospect. It’s only later that you place it in perspective. Years from now, I’ll look back and say: "God, wasn’t it wonderful?"

Happy birthday Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews! (October 1, 1935.)

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Do you ever see a post and just think ‘Right that’s it, buddy. You’re gone.’


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lylawinston replied to your post “There was seriously a page called ‘tattoo-free and happy’ that…”

I saw that page and I think they were trolling

yeah thats why I laughed at it, but its still kind of shitty stuff to say